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Nov 29, 2004
5:40 AM EDT
Though I have no plans to use JDS, the listing of revised components, for mozilla in particular, is of interest.

What caught my eye was: mozilla-spellchecker-1.4.1-224b.i386.rpm. Checking my installed mozilla and firefox I found nothing indicating that either had a spell checker installed or does either mention its possible existence searching their respective "help". On the Mozilla site a search had the page missing and the cache had only earlier versions. I was hoping to find a source version and install it manually. The older set seemed to only have some of the order or 1.2.... version in a rpm or xpi, which the latter seems to be a binary version.

I wonder too about why the 1.4.1 version of Mozilla is being used. I am running 1.7.3 after several upgrades due to the security problems known to exist in prior versions.

Regarding both the spell checker and mozilla proper are these Sun derived updates?

I read many articles for which I do not record a vote due to my lacking the sufficient knowledge to critique or lack of sufficient interest. While I played with a demo version I found on DVD from Linux Format Magazine, I really do not intend to use it. Hence, my interest is limited. Nonetheless, I will state this summary belongs on LXer and I ran across items that caught my interest: a positive rating.

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