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Dec 04, 2004
9:41 PM EDT
Why are you using Internet Explorer? Honestly, I want to know if you have a reason. Is there a sites you commonly go to that don't work in Firefox? Even so, is that worth the risk of random websites completely blowing away your system? Is there a feature that is missing from Firefox that if implemented would get you to switch? Or is it just plain laziness, if you don't stick up for yourselves here, I'm going to assume it is.

-> Fritz

Dec 04, 2004
11:55 PM EDT
I rather doubt that the majority of readers of LXer use IE. Are the stats available somewhere?

Dec 05, 2004
8:14 AM EDT
sbergman27, Ask the question over at the Meta forum.


There might be a fair portion of the LXer readers going to the site from work where they might not be able to switch from IE. The OS stats might be interesting as well.

Dec 05, 2004
7:09 PM EDT
As evil as this might be... we often run MSIE on our Linux desktops because of poorly designed internal websites (sites that won't work with anything else).

With that said, Mozilla and Firefox are our NORMAL use browsers.

Dec 05, 2004
7:51 PM EDT
You won't get an honest answer on this sort of question (that is, any question where you try to discern the reason for using an MSFT product). I tried many, many times in usenet discussion groups years ago. Back then, the reason given for using Windows (3.11 and NT, later '95) was "productivity software", which turned out to be a code for "Word" and "Excel".

Basically, there's two kinds of Windows users: people who buy a Dell or a Gateway, that's what's on it, and that's what they use, and the people who buy a Dell or a Gateway, and then feel some need to actually run "the best" software. They rapidly find out that nothing on Windows is more than mediocre, so they have a psychologicaly need to piss on everything else.

Dec 06, 2004
5:44 AM EDT
First note the It's been nearly a year thread.

Second: There is a third reason why, some people don't like changing what they know after they learned something. Think the extreme religous. You can't convice someone who is extremely religous that the world isn't what they think it is.

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