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Dec 05, 2004
8:34 AM EDT
Dave Can you provide us with some interesting stats regarding

Average Number of visitors Web browser break downs into % OS's break down total number of Memebers Etc,

or do you want to wait till the one year anniversary to show us just how much it has grown???

Dec 06, 2004
4:13 AM EDT
I'll definitely publish all this information. I think it'd be best to post it on or after January 1st so it can be a roundup of the complete year. How does that sound?


Dec 06, 2004
4:29 AM EDT
Real quick data so far:

There are 1,130 registered members. We have posted 8,628 stories. We have 4,916 votes registered. 839 threads and 2,072 posts have been made.

There have been 4,022,573 pageviews from day 1 through last night.

Big 3 Operating systems:

Linux: 39.21% Windows: 56.55% Mac: 4.24%


Gecko = 65.75% MSIE = 25.61% Opera = 6.6% Konqu = 1.29% Other = 0.74%

I think those numbers are correct (it was a big script).


Dec 06, 2004
5:41 AM EDT
First of the year is fine for a full statistic listing.

It is interesting though. I am not really surprised by the numbers, Actually I was expecting more windows users at work throwing the numbers off. Since I use both Windows and mac's to access the site, both with gecko based browsers.


Dec 06, 2004
6:33 AM EDT

If you have those numbers as monthlies, and/or can (subsequently) script them out that way on a continuing basis, some graphs may be appropriate. I expect that there are deltas (other than the obvious rise in total readership); seeing those will be interesting and enlightening, methinks, to you and your readership.


Dec 06, 2004
10:09 AM EDT
I am just happy to see those numbers published! Moreover, I second cr's wish to see something along a monthly comparison and continuing periodical statistics, provided it does not impose too much extra work. [If it is practical, I would volunteer to crunch the periodic, monthly numbers.]

Note that "Gecko" based browser does not exclusively imply Mozilla or FireFox. There was at least one browser that adopted the Gecko engine prior to the appearance of FireFox.

Dec 06, 2004
10:12 AM EDT

If you are interested in writing a PHP script to parse a standard apache logfile and generate statistics, then that would be a huge help to me.

Use fgetcsv on the file and then gather all the statistics and store them in variables. Then document what each array contains and I'll take it from there (will make the presentation of data, along with graphs, etc)


Dec 07, 2004
1:59 PM EDT
Done, at least as far as the graphs are concerned:

Dec 07, 2004
2:01 PM EDT
Webalizer (which I am indeed already using) doesn't provide the kind of granularity that I'm looking for.


Jan 03, 2005
9:30 AM EDT

you might try awstats. I use clarkconnect 2.2 and with version 3.0 (beta testing right now) they've switched to awstats. It seems that this program provides a much more powerful statistic tool. I haven't had a ton of time to play with it....but I do know it is a vast improvement over webalizer (what they were using in CC 2.2 before). I'm not sure if it will suit your needs or not, but it would be an alternative to webalizer :)



Jan 04, 2005
8:11 AM EDT
Ditto from me on awstats.

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