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Jan 06, 2005
8:56 AM EDT
If KDE can replace the Windows GUI completely, it is one reason less to stick with Windows.

If your GUI is made by the FOSS community, your browser is made by the FOSS community, your Office suite is made by the FOSS community, your e-mail and PIM software is made by the FOSS community, why would you pay MS for the privilege of using their kernel?

If Windows is slowly being erased by FOSS piece after piece, people will come to trust and depend on FOSS. If we are able to form a platform that can host all FOSS achievements on top of whatever OS, we need not fear shifting grounds, for they are mere places to hook in our anchors.

If the FOSS community is able to replace every aspect of computing, regardless of the initial platform, we will claim major victory. Eventually, swapping out the kernel will not look so daunting anymore.

Jan 06, 2005
1:57 PM EDT
I had thought that while QT Unix/Linux was GPL'd, the QT Win32 codebase was still proprietary. Am I misinformed?

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