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Jan 14, 2005
4:17 PM EDT
This article goes against the grain of my experience with server farms like, EV1servers, and that have thousands of servers running on Intel and AMD cpus.

I've experienced uptimes of over a year on machines configured as web servers running Red Hat and Debian. I have one customer whose website gets over a million hits per month.

I've had no trouble keeping software up to date on any of these machines and several times I've upgraded to new hardware. I relied on the server farm's staff to install the operating system and I moved over all my clients. Except for Rackspace, monthly costs are under $100 per server.

I do all the administration myself and when I started I knew nothing about how to administer a web server. I learned as I went along. I relied on news groups, forums, online documentation and the occasional O'Reily book.

- greg strockbine

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