Who is this 'Toadie' guy that voted against this story?

Story: Penguin Counter Penguin: You Say Tomato, I say "Desktop"!Total Replies: 8
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Jan 24, 2005
10:29 AM EDT

Jan 24, 2005
10:58 AM EDT

You know all too well who I am.

Sure, I've been a little quite these last two or three years, but that doesn't mean I'm dead.

We've been very busy up here at RedmondWare, and the Billionaire has been licking his chops (literally. Guy just loves lunch meetings and pork chops) over the chance to put you little bird droppings in your place.

Just remember -- Herring are little fish. Mighty little fish. We are a big fish.

And -- we've reloaded. Check out the analyst's firms. Over the last couple of years, SellThemAnythingSoLongAsItsOursAndCostsABundle has been at work recruiting analysts at impartial research firms.

We've already got I'llSayAnythiingSoLongAsYouPayMe and ItIsn'tReallyaLieIfThePriceIsright on board, with more to come.

To heck with mincemeat. How about a little Penguin hash?


Jan 24, 2005
11:07 AM EDT
Dave -- doesn't this thing (LXer.com) have an astroturf detector?!?!?

Jan 24, 2005
11:37 AM EDT
It does, and it's been going off all day long (hard to sleep)


Jan 24, 2005
1:34 PM EDT
An astroturf detector still needs a remover to take out the garabage.

Of course shameless self promotion by starting multiple threads under his own story, should be setting off every bell and whistle.


Jan 24, 2005
1:53 PM EDT
Tut tut, my dear peragrin, shameless self promotion is the only way to go. It's you folks who feel shame at selling yourselves and your wares who get left in the dust.

Why else would our valued (to the penny) customers stick with products that break, that invite goblins into their homes and, if only we could get the robotics to work, would kick the family dog?


Jan 24, 2005
3:25 PM EDT
Toadie, don't make me call Joe Barr! --FeriCyde

Jan 24, 2005
6:26 PM EDT

Somebody called him. I saw warthawg on the voter list, and we all know who that is...

Here's a hint: It ain't no northern pretty boy.

You Linux lovers are all alike. Afraid of a good fight, you have to call big brother. The Billionaire's not afraid of anybody. He'll take anybody on, and all he needs is his own two hands, his money, his lawyers, his bodyguards and all of the politicians he's contributed to.

Jan 24, 2005
7:20 PM EDT
Toadie: Is that all -- I thought he could do with some more pie...

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