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Feb 08, 2005
4:35 PM EDT
It is true it will slow Linux adoption a bit initially. But if we think about it, it will introduce Free Open Source Software to many Windows users who otherwise will not make a move to try and test Linux. It is sort of going to a gourmet food store with all kind of samples of new recipes everywhere around you. You see them, you try them, you like them, you buy them. Like the old saying, "The mouth follows the eyes when falling in love". Kidding!, Just made that up!!!

Feb 08, 2005
6:09 PM EDT
Couple of additional observations:

This will allow people to run KDE in "windows only" organizations.

Once machine starts to feel sluggish and we are nearing time for HW upgrade in the mind of the user, You can switch to Linux and get a speed bump.

Pity it is KDE which is somewhat large and slow. One of the faster WMs like XFCE would be perfect for old Win9x boxes.

On balance I think it is a good move and again shows the strengt of the GPL. and quite intelligent of Trolltech.

Feb 09, 2005
1:58 AM EDT
Further to bstadil's observations, some of them will become totally hooked on Konqueror and Kontact, to say nothing of the less grand KDE applications.

Feb 09, 2005
4:07 AM EDT
"if Windows has Microsoft applications plus the stable of Free Software apps while desktop Linux/BSD/etc has only the Free Software apps, why would anyone in their right mind switch to Linux/BSD"

Uhhh.... how about stability and security? If you have the ability and motivation to download and install KDE on Windows, you can easily download and install Linux.

Feb 09, 2005
8:17 AM EDT
MDL, The reservation of Aaron Seigo is also justified. He knows how Windows' many users think and behave. Some of them just don't even think out of the box or try to explore beyond MS. They will see all the goodies furnished by KDE and some of them might even think it is MS apps. So they just keep using KDE as is and not venturing to benefit of what FOSS can offer as a whole. But I think time will take care of that. Seigo is a very smart and dedicated KDE developer and he wants to see results pretty quickly, and I agree with him, but hay we have what we have and time is on our side. The idea of getting most of FOSS apps on Windows will pay off and we shouldn't just wait for the users to take their time to give Linux a try, we need to entice them.

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