I think that leaves them with an oval in pastel colours

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Feb 09, 2005
3:42 PM EDT
"The logo must not exploit or offend a person's sex, race, religion, morality, culture , nor be salacious or pornographic."

Nor may it use words like "salacious" which normally only reside in dictionaries. (-:

Which brings us back to the oval. And that oval had better not be vertically aligned or too egg-shaped either. Vertical ovals are religious symbols (cf the "Catholic" symbol of Mary emerging from her own womb), circles imply solar disks (like the circle-on-a-cross sunrise symbol) or endless reincarnation, and of course eggs are pagan fertility symbols.

Personally, I can't imagine a BSD without the daemon. Renaming the internal processes is going to be a bummer too, you can't even call them aengels or faeries.

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