DB of patents Microsoft infringes on (Help needed!)

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Feb 22, 2005
2:55 AM EDT

I think you know about Steve Ballmer claiming Linux possibly infringing on 183 patents, without naming which. We could do a better job, I think!

After working a wile on the "Groups migrating to Linux" db http://lxer.com/module/db/viewby.php?uid=108&option=&value=&... I'd like to start a new DB of patents Microsoft (possibly) infringes on.

Aim is to collect 183 patents Microsft (possibly) infringes on, and once we collected that many entries, post it to a lot of people, and generate as much noise about it as possible (and of course state "somebody will come and look for money owing to the rights for that intellectual property", citing Steve Ballmer).

People should know the IP-talk and the threatening of Asian governments is all Microsoft-FUD in my opinion. If this succeeds, it could be a big story in my I think.

I checked at google, and [url=http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q=microsoft sued patent&spell=1]http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q=microsoft sued patent&sp...[/url] it looks rather promissing, in my opinion.

Difference with Microsoft is, Microsoft doesn't mention WHICH patents linux is possible infringing. I'd like, in contrary, to mention as exact as possible which patents we mean.

Because we're looking for patents Microsoft POSSIBLY infringes, we don't have to be very exact. If you could find a patent on a status bar, well, Microsoft possibly infringes on it, doesn't they? And of course, it's the intention, the word POSSIBLY (infringes on) is forgotten, just like Microsoft forgot that word, claiming Linux infringes 183 (sometimes 228) patents, instaed of possibly infringes.

Who'd like to help?

Feb 22, 2005
4:02 AM EDT
MSFT used OSRM's annoucement of that linux infringes on patents.

Why don't you start with OSRM and try to get information out of them.

Feb 22, 2005
6:05 AM EDT
I think it would be a useful project, and would be interesting to see the results. I'll be more than happy to provide the vehicle by setting up the DB for you.


Feb 22, 2005
11:04 AM EDT
To peragrin:

OSRM announced about the Linux-infringement thing because they insure companies / offer IP-indemnification (for Linux). So they can't be bothered if Microsoft infringes on patents, since Microsoft has their own IP-indemnification, as far as I know. But thanks for your reaction. The reason I take LXer is because I already know the people a bit, and there are people over here willing to help me it seems.

To Dave: I'll research a bit if this has chance to succeed, I'll think it will, and after that ask for the vehicle you mentioned.

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Yes, I think this is possible!

Look at my first 3 patents, and a kind of 'design scheme' to see what my actual intention is, at:


(You have to scroll horizontally to view the whole table, sorry, just a first 'design scheme', I know it looks bad.)

Feb 22, 2005
12:17 PM EDT

You slightly misunderstood me. OSRM annouced linux may infringe. MSFT is saying that it does and using that annoucement to create FUD.

Good Luck on your research. Post a full link when you get the backend database up.

Note: MSFT doesn't provide Patent protection for any more than what you paid for the software. Service contracts are omitted from this. Right now as we speak MSFT negotiated a settlement with Timeline Inc to end a patent problem with MS SQL. That settlement left every developer of MS SQL vulnerable to suit by timeline.

Mar 14, 2005
10:58 AM EDT
The backend database is up, and the first 33 patents are in there right now (70 more to come in the following 2 days).



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