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Feb 23, 2005
12:45 PM EDT
Her ultimate mistake is this....

She thinks everyone who uses Firefox runs it from a Microsoft operating system. Everyone here knows this to be untrue. If the amount of people I've converted happily to Linux in tha past year in my small neck of the woods is commonplace around the world, M$ should be worried and Firefox is in NO DANGER of being trounced by an inferior piece of software.

Not to even go into the problems and security holes alone with ActiveX...this article at CNET is pure CRAP with a capital C. This "Senior" Editor needs to do more research before she yammers her mouth off without considering all the angles. That's tunnelvision and that is one sided journalism. Actually, I'd be stretching to call this journalism at all...

Feb 24, 2005
2:46 AM EDT
I read this article and the ensuing flames on another site, I believe there may have been over 400 posts concerning Molly's "article". More like a PSA for MS if you ask me. As usual, Devnet made the point that everyone else is missing but I would like to add just a bit of my own insight. In 1988, my cherry 68 Camero died a horrible death from engine failure. Turns out that the oil I used in my baby, Quaker State, admitted that they had changed their formula and that engine failures "could" occur from the use of their oil. Class-action suits sprang up but nothing really came of it except tens of thousands of cars were ruined. Even though Quaker State has reformulated their product, I will not use it to this day...I cannot trust it. The same goes for Microsoft software and their operating systems. Never mind that I cannot tolerate their predatory business practices and flawed philosophies...MS failed me when I needed them most.

MS may have too much steam built up to be taken down, at least in the forseeable future but the fact that they are releasing IE7 indicates that they feel threatened. As long as IE is joined at the hip with XP, its weaknesses will remain. The millions of people who run 98 or win2k will eventually switch to mozilla/firefox out of necessity. This is a good thing. Miss Molly being a shill for MS is a good thing smacks of desperation.


Feb 24, 2005
4:30 AM EDT
Molly Wood: "Firefox will be destroyed as surely as the Hungarian uprising of 1956 was crushed by the Soviets... "

Molly, you ignorant slut! (Sorry, but I couldn't resist a little Saturday Night Live Humor)

Does Molly realize that Hungary is now free and a member of NATO?

Does Molly know what happened in Berlin in 1989 and Moscow in 1991?

Molly's use of the Hungarian uprising may not be so far off, if we stop to consider how it all turned out. If you substitute F/OSS for Hungary (not crushed, but certainly under attack), and M$ for the Soviets, I think the analogy works.

Feb 26, 2005
1:18 PM EDT
I appreciate Firefox's challenge to I.E., but I have been using Opera for years and find its UI superior to Firefox. Tabbed browsing? Been using it for years with Opera. Popup blocking? Been using it for years with Opera. Keyboard shortcuts available with one hand? NOT available in any browser except Opera (or unless your fingers are freakishly long). Firefox simply emulates I.E.'s cumbersome keyboard shortcuts. (Hmmmmmm...perhaps I should perform an ergonomic study to determine which of the three aforementioned browsers are the most physically efficient!)

IMHO, Firefox is great for converting I.E. users, but the press surrounding it is crediting it for innovating features that have been available for years in another freely available (though not OSS) browser.

Forgive me if I am a bit off topic, but I speak the truth.


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