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Mar 03, 2005
7:14 PM EDT
Its a satire. I don't think we should place stories like this here.

Mar 03, 2005
7:22 PM EDT
Au contraire, mon frere! I think this is nice light reading for the evening, especially since it makes light of our favorite Redmond resident. While it's not necessarily news per se, it's not inappropriate for the site in my opinion :-)


Mar 03, 2005
7:53 PM EDT
Hey, lighten up a little ram.

You don't have to read it if you don't want to. It was obvious from the title that it was humor and if you couldn't figure that out, the source was a clue.... The Spoof.

Mar 04, 2005
5:08 AM EDT
I skipped it last night, because of the ridiculous wording. However, reading the above messages aroused my interest, hence, I thought I would take a look.

Really, is anything really there? Got caught in an endless loop of apologies where it was impossible to return to LXer. Was that the joke? If so I think I will have to go with the first post.

I like satire, but not one of the dumb machine locking games. I suspect it is the latter, because if their server was just overloaded they would (should) not be using an excessive processing power to lock a user within the site.

Mar 07, 2005
2:49 AM EDT
Actually i did think twice about submitting this post, as i myself was unsure it was suitable for LXer.

But i decided it would be nice light reading for folks and was sure if it wasn't suitable then Dave would let me know and he could withdraw it.

I apologise now if it wasn't suitable and won't post any further satire articles and will keep it strictly Linux/Unix related.


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