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Mar 17, 2005
3:33 PM EDT
Hello, Dave.

I am using a text-to-speach solution (not so different from the new one provided in KDE 3.4.0), in which I mark a text and let the computer read it out loud for me, with a key press.

My point is that, when I want to read a story I usually would like to listen to it's title and the short snipit, before I decide whether or not to follow the link.

Because the layout of the story is such as

story-title some-meta-data some-other-meta-data a quote from the story comments etc...

I am forced to do it in 2 iterations. First with the story-title and then the short quote.

As far as I could grok the customization options, there is no way for me to edit the story so I will be able to select the title and the quote (preferebly with triple click - select a paragraph) in one go, bypassing the story-meta-data.

Would you kindly consider such an option?

Cheers, Chen.

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