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Mar 22, 2005
9:42 AM EDT
While I curse out Sun on a daily basis (sometimes to the local reps' face), I do have to say that I'm not totally sold that they are in cahoots with M$. While a lot of their latest PR moves leave most intelligent life forms puzzled, I don't have the Mulder & Scully routine enabled just yet. How can I casually dismiss all of this so easily? It's simple - I'm a tool. That, and they're a big company that is trying to compete in the face of a changing business landscape. It would be the same for any other company in any other industry. When the nature of your business fundamentally shifts away from the original "traditional" model, then there will be inevitable churning of the management gears as they try to adapt and come out on top. Sometimes just to survive is a desirable outcome, and that may be what we are witnessing here at the early stages. SCO is more in the late stages; of desperation and the fear of obscellescence. Theirs' was a slow death, probably more akin to an LTV Steel as opposed to an Enron or WorldCom (though it could be argued that the latter two didn't happen overnight, but public perception is what I am using for the measurement here). I think it's all quite simple, just put on the business filter and it all makes more sense (though still not logical, but not unprecedented).


Mar 22, 2005
10:11 AM EDT
"I think it's all quite simple, just put on the business filter and it all makes more sense"

You simplistic hackers are all alike.

You couch in the dust of your toolsheds, nothing but the glow of your cheap Korean Palm-Pilot clones and the smell of cheap cologne to guide your way. You come in here all business like, in your simplistic ill-fitting suits thinking that I won't spot the truth: You love Sun, it gives you a reason to spout your simplistic Tool Talk (maybe you should invent a language or protocol named that, Smith, we could put it in behind the next version of GNOME or KDE).

But we're on to you now! You think you've snowed everyone on the forum with your references to X-files, but we all know the truth -- you're much more of an X-men fan, masquerading away. We know you and your kind oh too well. So, Trebek, I DO think you're part of the conspiracy, after all.

So go ahead and laugh. Soon (SOON) hoards of jack-booted Sun Sales minions will knock down the door to your shed, and force iPlanet (SunONE? Sun Java Systems Web Slogger? What's it called these days, I can't keep track) upgrades down your throat. Then -- THEN -- we'll see who's part of the consipiracy.

Mar 22, 2005
11:18 AM EDT
IBM was once considered the big blue bad boy on the block but today it is different.

IBM changed, Of course the changes in IBM came slowly, but then again they didn't hold a press conference one week saying Linux 5ux0r5 and the next saying Linux Ru13z.

IBM made their stance known not in giant PR battles, but by actions. It's those very actions that have them getting a massive marketing boost just by swatting SCO like a deer fly.

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