This is not the first time.

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Mar 31, 2005
11:23 AM EDT
This is not the first time Dell has offered Redhat Linux workstations:

Hopefully they will stick with it this time, even if once again the sales are poor.


Mar 31, 2005
12:05 PM EDT
Absolutely. That's why I referenced Michael Dell's Keynote at LinuxWorld. He gives the keynote and then Linux disappears off their web site. I have written about this before.

But, Michael has handed the reins of the company over to Kevin Rollins and that's what is different this time.

We just want to make sure that Dell goes beyond offering a workstation. Linux could win big if Dell were to let all their consumer products work together with the Linux desktops and Laptops.

Apr 02, 2005
6:49 AM EDT
Some interesting linux companies are doing this as well. I recently came across a company called Uni-Fi Technologies. The company says it sells "High Quality Consumer Linux Products" linux is a different beast with distributions updates and so on. When I had a windows computer they could barely support that let alone a Linux distro. I would be interested to see how many companies will specialize in just offering linux products.

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