Well...I think Novell would agree on SuSE 9.3

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May 05, 2005
9:47 AM EDT
I haven't noticed whether Novell is offering a Personal Edition for 9.3.

I have 9.3 Professional, and suspect that the original reviewer was installing that.

With all due respect, SuSE 9.3 Professional is not targeted to people who know little or nothing.

It can be used to set up truly dandy workstations for people like that, but, if you're the one doing the setting-up, a little knowledge goes a long way.

That said, it remains true that documentation and smooth ease of use continue to lag Windows and Mac land.

It really IS hard to know what you should be using for what, and you just can't ask your neighbor/office mate.

For those who have the time and inclination, the rewards are great.

For the rest, well, things keep getting better. Maybe you'll be able to climb aboard one day soon.

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