Couldn't have been more accurate.

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Jun 21, 2005
4:26 AM EDT
f I download Ubuntu and pass the CD around, how will you measure that? How will you measure people dual booting to Linux?

In my business, I hand out 15-20 disks a week to my customers. That doesn't count the dozens we ship via our two websites as a free service. I am happy to see some of the people come onto the forums for PCLinuxOS, but that is only a fraction of the number of handed out disks. This article is dead on center...I applaude both your talent and your perspective.


Jun 21, 2005
9:55 AM EDT
Thank you for the kind words. Also, thank you for passing out Linux CD's.

After attending a number of summer seminars, especially one by IBM, I'm convinced that the major innovation in the IT industry today is around Linux. More so than with any other operating system.

That should shake the press up a little. But, they won't say it, yet. Soon!

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