I said it in 2003 :)

Story: Is Microsoft Buying Anti-Virus Companies to Undermine Linux? You DecideTotal Replies: 3
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Jun 23, 2005
3:29 AM EDT
I made this point two years ago, in the article:

All your linux and Novell antivirus are belong to us, Microsoft http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=9944

"SO Microsoft has snapped up antivirus technology from Bucharest-based GeCAD software, the company told us yesterday. One question comes to mind inmediately. Why buy antivirus technology from this little-known company and not Kaspersky, Symantec, or any other of the "big guys"? Well, maybe the price was right. Or maybe there was another reason. Gecad describes itself as the creator of "the unique platform independent antivirus scanning engine". ^^^^ Emphasis on PLATFORM INDEPENDENT. Microsoft doesn't like these two words together.

"In fact, the company offers virus protection for Linux file servers, AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content Filtering for Linux mail servers. Gecad was also committed to supporting IBM mainframes as well as Novell's operating system and Groupwise softwarez. Early this year, Microsoft snagged Connectix VM technology, which was one of the few products that allowed OS/2 users to run 32-bit Windows operating systems in a window under OS/2, effectivelly killing its OS/2-based windows virtualisation product, called Virtual PC 5.1 for OS/2. Without a product to sell, its CEO admitted that the company would close."

I ended my analysis: "Two years ago, Ballmer and Co. told Wired that "Linux was going down" and cited "lack of key enterprise elements" and " lack of system management software". I guess that if reality doesn't fit your predictions, you have to change reality to fit your prophecy."

This move about Sybari is just another step in the same direction. Microsoft has the cash pile to continue doing this until they "dry up" the pool of the best linux commercial vendors. The key here is that every Microsoft product outside the Operating System and Office division is subsidized by these cash cows.

Jun 23, 2005
4:06 AM EDT
To continue this thought process: M$ has also just hired the founder of Gentoo..... Borg-like tendencies coming to the fore perhaps?

Jun 23, 2005
11:30 AM EDT
...M$ has also just hired the founder of Gentoo.....

been thinking...(suprise to some) that any one or even a couple of the recent events such as this do not amount to anything to worry about, but when I begin to combine them, it is more than a consiracy theorists joy ride that moves me along a worrisome path. Microsoft is threatened by Linux....no gang, I mean really threatened. Brace yourself Irene...this could get a bit rough before it's over and I don't see the credits rolling anytime soon.


Jun 23, 2005
11:33 AM EDT
sorry for the "and another thing..."

Is Shuttleworth going to be our money man when we begin running out of options? Soros did it for a political party...maybe Mark Shuttleworth will feel obliged to fend off any attacks since he has a heavily vested interest in Linux. He might have to cut back on his space jaunts for awhile...


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