...And this is just in the U.S....

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Jun 29, 2005
4:58 PM EDT
Makes me wonder what kind of similar influence Microsoft has and/or is seeking elsewhere in the world, too.

Jun 29, 2005
6:42 PM EDT
We're likely to discuss that. You might check the links at the bottom of the page where we touch a little on their dealing in other countries. But, we have cities, states and municipalities to cover before we go international.

We'll get there. Hang on.

Jun 30, 2005
8:10 PM EDT
Yes, they've greased so many palms here in Oz that it's a wonder some pollies have enough grip left to hold their party drinks. And set up "independent" technology centres which are almost shop-fronts for Microsoft, spending public money to do so.

Western Australia has one technology centre which has decidedly not been so entirely suborned, and small as they are, they are the envy of the other Australian states. http://www.opensource.wa.gov.au/

Jul 01, 2005
3:58 AM EDT
As an example of look-a-like practices in the EU, read the story "Conflict of interests of political party president in softwarepatents issue in the EU" at LXer, http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/38793/index.html

It shows the Chairman of the political party EPP in the udiciary Committee of the EU-Parliament works for a lobby firm in Brussels which also works for the German association BVDW which is a known proxy of Microsoft (sounds familiar after this article from Tom, doesn't it?). He's one of the largest proponents of software-patents in the Euro-Parliament at the moment, and recently rejected amendments to prevent the patenting of software-patents in a new EU-directive. As far as I know, it's illegitimate in Europe, to receive funds from companies for elections, but one never knows.

I think Tom might cover this subject later (I hope so), however, it's difficult if you don't live in the EU, I think, and it's also a 'hot item', so more news about this might be coming in the next few weeks.

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