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Aug 12, 2005
8:54 AM EDT
Requesting for comments in the first place is outrageous. They should know better. I guess that shows how advanced the government of the US of A is. How our tax money is being spent. How this great nation of ours is going to stay ahead.

- Don't they know that there are people who use Linux, don't use Windows, and don't use IE?

- Don't they know that Windows and IE are major security risks?

- Is it not the government's responsibility to enforce and/or empower standards that IE totally ignores?

- why can't they have a web site to solicit comments on this issue? Wouldn't that give them better broader feedback? Is it so hard for the US Gov.?



Aug 12, 2005
9:05 AM EDT
This sort of thing should not surprise anyone after the Registrar of Copyrights (Marybeth Peters) testified before congress on the INDUCE Act a while back: http://www.corante.com/importance/archives/005218.php

Ms Peters is clearly either personally in favor of strict, draconian control over everybody but Big Business and Mainstream Media, or she's been bought off.

It is irritating and bizarre, to the point of making me believe in Conspiracy Theories.

Aug 12, 2005
11:08 AM EDT
You should have worked there. Keep in mind that the Copyright Department is part of LOC. It's not the LOC. I wouldn't put it on the LOC.

Copyright is simply a paper processing factory. They're following the procedures they would for something other than a public response or survey.

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