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Story: MassGov Declares OpenDocument the Standard File Format for the CommonwealthTotal Replies: 5
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Aug 31, 2005
12:56 PM EDT
Well, The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts would not be my first choice, but I am glad they did it. Now, we need some good states, like Texas.

The story refers to OpenOffice 1.1.5. Is such a version imminent? I expected the next release to be version 2. But, I suppose supporting Oasis is a godd enough reason to update the 1.1 series.

Aug 31, 2005
1:06 PM EDT
The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts have given us some great Americans such as ...let me think...their current governor. That's it.

Sometimes they're the only State that votes for a Presidential candidate (Nixon 72). So, maybe no one will follow suit :(

Aug 31, 2005
2:45 PM EDT
Yes. 1.1.5 will be out very shortly if it isn't already.

Aug 31, 2005
5:00 PM EDT
OOo1.1.5 is out in "RC" form, as a Release Candidate. That means "close."

OOo1.1.5 should be out in final form very soon (read, 'by Labor Day').

It is an important bug-fix upgrade for any EXISTING OOo users (of 1.x.y) who would wish to have the OpenDocument filters. YES, it creates and reads the OpenDocument formats generated in OOo2 enabling OOo1.x.y users to have the new OASIS OpenDocument formats while keeping the accustomed functionality of the older suite.

OOo2 has some look&feel "improvements" that make it more familiar to MS Office users.

IMHO, OOo1.1.5 is REALLY IMPORTANT since it aids smooth migration to OOo2, which people need to plan for themselves because the OpenDocument formats do not open in OOo versions before OOo1.1.5.

Aug 31, 2005
5:02 PM EDT

"The State CIO requests our comments on the document by September 9, 2007."

That date should read "...September 9, 2005."

Thank you Graham Lauder for pointing that out.


Sep 01, 2005
6:51 PM EDT
Hey Sam. Way to Go!!!

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