Vista has entered Beta

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Aug 31, 2005
1:23 PM EDT
Could this just be because vista has entered Beta?

Microsoft has now actually committed to a delivery schedule, and a list of product features that will probably be delivered. Because WinFS, the new CLI, and other more fantastic vaporware have been stripped from vista (although they have kept their vaporware status as being promised "Real Soon Now(tm)"), Microsoft actually has some features for the next version of windows that are sure to be delivered.

Now we can really start to compare what MS will deliver in Vista, and what the competition delivers. Could this just be MS marketing trying to 'come out swining'?

It's still all dis-information, either way.

What will vista give to the desktop user?

They will have some big icons. Like you get with Mac, or some of the Linux desktops.

Their displays will be rendered by some form of page rendering format like NeXT gave us back in 1989. You know like Macs and Linux with NextStep do.

They will have more eye candy and animations. Like on Macs or with KDE or Elightenment on Linux.

IP v6, like Linux has had for years. Well that doesn't have any desktop implications.

Is vista 64 bit yet? Well, nevermind, that doesn't apply to the desktop either.

Oh yeah, they'll have better DRM so third parties can more easily use your computer as a vehicle to sell you things. I think Apple is working on that for 2008, but I think that MS will beat Apple to delivery with this. Is that a desktop item?

So, If you wait till the end of 2006, you will be able to get a Windows desktop that lets you do what Linux and Mac users have been doing for years.

Does vista have different color screens of death, for different kinds of crashes? Blue for a kernel panic, red for a device driver crash, green for memory problem, something like that. I remember reading that new colors for the screens of death would be a feature in Longhorn. Did that make it into vista, or was it left on the cutting room floor?

Linux sure doesn't have that.

Aug 31, 2005
4:53 PM EDT
I believe you have it: "Vista" entering beta means some free media anyway, why not try to use that free media as a "force multiplier" by getting a few big PR Hits?

Maybe if we aggregate all the possible Wagg-Ed story plants, we could run the text through stuff like the Gender Genie and other algorithms to try to detect common authorship. At the very least, aggregating Wagg-Ed story plants might give us a clue as to what the next Hot, Hot MSFT catchphrase will be. I mean, "enterprise ready apps" is now about as tired as "rich client experience" or "productivity apps".

Aug 31, 2005
5:26 PM EDT


Aug 31, 2005
6:11 PM EDT
Clever :)

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