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Sep 02, 2005
9:26 PM EDT
>>>Ubunteros? I almost spit milk out my nose and I wasn't even drinking milk. What kind of spastic crap is Ubunteros? Good lord people, come off it.>>>>>

Devnet, you should have seen it before I edited it. The guy was sniffing something.

Sep 03, 2005
1:26 AM EDT
I prefer to think of myself as an Ubunterini. Well, now I guess I'll see if I can get twenty Dallasites to request a visit. I am running a test machine with Breezy and it seems pretty good. I don't notice anything spectacular as compared to Hoary, but several slightly newer versions of software. I wonder if it would be worth trying on a ThinkPad 570.

Sep 03, 2005
4:23 AM EDT
When I was in undergraduate school at Michigan State, I became aware that locals were split on what to call themselves. The higher wattage, brighter, wittier, more inventive, more distinctive souls liked Michigander.

The strive-to-be-tapioca crowd preferred Michiganian.

Some years later, I understand that the state legislature made Michiganian official.

Why am I not surprised?

Sep 03, 2005
11:31 AM EDT
What's sauce for the Michigoose is sauce for the Michigander.

Sep 03, 2005
4:23 PM EDT
And no goose worth her dander would prefer a ganian to a gander.

Sep 04, 2005
7:21 AM EDT
I didn't mind the tag for Ubuntu users. The original heading was:

Badger Badger Badger Tour and Special USA Tour

then I really liked this:

Expect badgers, mushrooms, schnaaaaaakes, an awful lot of Ubuntu CDs, and a healthy dose of madcap hijinks! If you would like to catch up with me during my journey, add your details to the wiki page, or reply to this email.

The" schnaaaaaakes" sort of added to the exuberance of the annoucement.

Oh well.

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