At the time, Microsoft were 0.5% dead...

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Sep 21, 2005
4:03 PM EDT
...0.25% from another dimension (in which Tucson, Utah exists), and some non-disclosed proportion "not at home". I wonder what the statistics are like four years later?

Interestingly enough, their email provider (LunarPages) only offers Linux hosting, although the SMTP server doesn't identify itself in its banner (except that it's not anything MS-Exchange would send). Their web host (Convio) claims to be Apache, and there's not a Microsoft badge in sight.

It seems more than slightly ironic to see a site plastered with anti-pork-barrelling messages supporting what is in essence a pork barrel.

Sep 21, 2005
8:16 PM EDT
AC: This story struck my funny bone. I laughed for hours off and on about it. But this is one one of many. The term astroturfers comes from the effort Gates made to make it look like he had a grass roots effort to support Microsoft. When the LA Times discovered Gates paid everyone to show up like 1960's anti-war protesters, he became a laughing stock.

Now, he mostly pays lobbyists, politicians and funds NGO's and non-profits. What a hoot!

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