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Sep 21, 2005
4:08 PM EDT
All of those virii found in the author's mailbox are Windows viruses. Note the extensions: .exe, .scr

Anyone with a Linux, Unix or *BSD operating system (I'm including OSX as it's based on BSD), would be unaffected by anything in this list of malware. It just wouldn't run.

This particular antivirus software is actually intended to stop Windows viruses any incoming e-mails from being forwarded through an e-mail server to clients with Windows OS's on their desktops. It can be used to scan the local mailbox, as the person who posted this is doing.

At present, there are still no known Linux viruses in the wild, and still no known anti-Linux-virus antivirus programs.

Sep 22, 2005
1:57 PM EDT
You are right that they are Windows virus, but Tom should be responsible and clean them off anyway. What if he decided to forward one of those message to a benighted colleague who uses Windows(Is it redundant to call the Windows user benighted?)? Tom would not want to spread the infection and have his colleague complain about lack of security in Linux.

Sep 22, 2005
4:32 PM EDT
Tom's response struck me as being "get rid of Linux viruses!", which of course are all extinct.

And I agree that Tom should get rid of those viruses.

I also think that if Tom's colleague gets a virus from any e-mail, not just from Tom's Linux box, it's the lack of security in Windows the colleague should be complaining about.

Sep 22, 2005
5:33 PM EDT
Guys: Sorry about my lack of communication skills. I knew the maleware was meant for Windows. I thought I was clear that none of my files had any problems -- just my inbox- which had some Windows junk I didn't want to send to anyone else even accidentially.

Obviously, they didn't infect my computer because it's Linux. But, I still think we shouldn't be carriers whether the bug is from the flu or Bill Gates.

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