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Sep 22, 2005
6:27 AM EDT
This is over 4 years old. At roughly the time this article was posted I had just finished blowing the whistle on -- a web site owned by (the company that is now Jupiter Media) -- the company that published this article, in other words.

It was an "interesting" time, in many ways. I can tell you that the phony grass-roots thing is real, that as a journalist, someone at Wag-Ed (Microsofts' PR firm) was calling me on a regular basis -- until I was let go. That I was not alone in having this kind of special treatment.

Regardless, we'd be fools to think that this sort of bogus lobbying is not in full swing even now. It's part of a broader bag of dirty tricks that large companies (not just microsoft) practice to try and get the game tilted in their favor.

The recent Mini-Microsoft blogging illustrates, however, that their problems likely run far deeper than any amount of cosmetic surgery is going to fix.


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