Here it goes again Windows vs. Linux

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Sep 27, 2005
7:28 PM EDT
I don't know why but people just keep comparing these two operating systems, I totally respect anyone's opinion and experince with something, but the fact is that (I am not a real fan of either os, and definitely sort of a newb in linux world) there are whole bunch of problems when trying new things. Basically not juts software I mean anything, and it is really not right to say that the whatever software lacks this that and whole bunch other things, because only YOU or I cannot figure it out. it is totally wrong, why? because if right now someone tries to install linux on his system for the first time, he/she will be totally lost exactly like the person who wrote this article, and you know what in my experience linux can be very very confusing and hard to work with cuz i have been a windows user for years, not because linux is lacking things. I can configure all of my hardware on a windows system, either downloading drivers as .exe files or simply afew other files like .ini on a windows system. that is a piece of cake for me but for someone who is new in windows that is hard. I just wanted to say that the article I read was really really biased, because there were not much fact in to it, as if there were there would be some good things about windows. but there were complains and hassles all over. And Mr. Adelstein, why don't you get someone who used windows for years to write an article about installing FreeBSD or Gentoo or some text based and command line unix or linux installation, just the installation don't even worry about configuring hardware!!! (I say it again I truly don't wanna offend anyone and I respect everyone's opinion but there should be some facts about anything you write. windows and linux are both great operating systems for their users)

Sep 27, 2005
7:33 PM EDT

I gather you're new to this stuff.

Tom's piece is best viewed as an inside joke.

Go over umpteen articles on why Linux isn't ready for the mainstream yet and what you'll discover is that...well, new stuff you haven't used before is harder than the stuff you already know.

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