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Sep 28, 2005
6:59 AM EDT
Why act like such a meanspirited, rude boor? This article may contain content you disagree with, or you might feel you know much more about the subject than the writer does, but why not just voice your complaints about the content without attacking the writer, who obviously spent time and effort putting it together? NOTHING you--that is, YOU-- have to say is of any value, until you learn to say it without getting in your petty one-up on someone else.


Sep 28, 2005
8:43 AM EDT
The "areyouaclown" and "deathshadow" user IDs are probably those of MSFT-funded shills, in my opinion. Someone chose the "areyouaclown" name with an eye towards adding insult to the reply. "deathshadow", not so obvious, but it has the flavor of "script kiddie" to it.

The human or humans behind those user IDs acted like a mean-spirited boor on purpose, and the purpose was to deflect some of the points made in the article, points that those enthralled by MSFT haven't wanted to hear for years and years (other systems exist, other systems work better, other systems allow you to do more at less cost).

We can no proceed to argue whether those user IDs are really MSFT shills, or if they're Windows users who are in denial. Either explanation fits the known facts, so let's argue!

Sep 28, 2005
10:49 AM EDT
I also think it's just another sad attempt at astrosurfing. The sheer amount of negative replies in such a short time for an article *which isn't even on the main page anymore* just gives it away.

Or indeed they could just be victims of a kind of Stockholm syndrome ;) .

In any case I just ignore them. There's nothing new under the sun!

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