We call that PEBCAK error

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Sep 28, 2005
8:46 AM EDT
Computer systems are not toasters. If you are unable to perform basic maintenance then you should take your equipment to a qualified professional. I have supported/administrated/used many different operating systems. From OS/2, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows, etc... They all have there quirks. Just as most people cannot grown there own corn, most people cannot maintain there own computer system. We can't all be mechanics, farmers, and doctors. Some people have to be the journalist (Linux evangelist) that writes for some Linux magazine.

BTW I have deployed Linux distro's in corp. environments. I am not saying that Linux doesn't have it's place in personal/corporate computing.

Cheers, Ithaycu

Sep 28, 2005
8:53 AM EDT
ithaycu -

The question, really, is what that place is.

Step by step, inch by inch, and all that y'all.

At the flip of the millenium, some questioned whether Linux had any place at all. Those who admitted that it might have a place would relegate it to file servers and web servers. Certainly not a place for important things like databases and critical applications.

Now, few people doubt that there is some place for Linux. Most can even see it serving up databases and other applications.

But the desktop? No, no, no. That's not its place. It needs to stay back serving files and web pages...er...make that database queries and assorted applications...but, certainly no desktops.


Sep 28, 2005
11:22 AM EDT
In my experience in arguing with MSFT Zealots and Shills, which goes back to usenet in the mid 90s, when the newsgroup "alt.fan.billgates" showed up, any problem with Windows or MSFT software is "PEBCAK", while any problem with Solaris, Linux, VMS, BeOS, NeXTStep & etc constitutes a Major ShowStopping Flaw, Indicating That One Must Stay With (or Port To) Windows.

I have witnessed lots of attempts to justify Windows UI "quirks", while seeing the same authors pooping on any other UI that has half the quirks, oddities, warts, mistakes, gotchas and outright design flaws that Windows has.

Arguing with a Shill is like drinking water from a Thunderbird bottle - what's the point?

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