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Oct 10, 2005
12:52 PM EDT
In my humble opinion, Brian Proffitt (the current editor of LT) is an unbiased editor, who works very hard to make LT a good news site.

Oct 10, 2005
1:19 PM EDT
Paulie --

Has lightning struck?

We agree.

I think I'm going to go to my room now.

Oct 10, 2005
2:50 PM EDT
dino: it has indeed:

That link is to the april fools day joke posted this year. We're a community -- the ads may suck, but we're a community. Let's demonstrate it the best way we know how.

This is my way.


Oct 11, 2005
5:57 AM EDT
Earlier on, I made the mistake of thinking that Brian had more power to do something about the situation at LT than he actually does. In personal emails he convinced me that he doesn't. It just so happens that he does also believe that the advertising and editorial functions *should* be completely independent.

Basically, the most he can do is try to counter any unsavory adversising, etc. with facts by posting relevant stories and writing relevant editorials. He could just up and leave, but I seriously doubt that his successor could do any better... and very easily could do worse. Even if you are not a Brian fan, take a moment to consider how happy we were when Ransom Love left Caldera.

That said, when I stopped reading LT, I stopped reading LT. Period. LXer is simply a better site. Not because Brian is an inferior editor, or not a friend of the community, but because I dislike Jupiter Medias' poor choices with respect to running the site. The only way I can vote is with my feet. (OK... my fingers.)

Of course, another argument could be made that I should be back there helping Brian to discredit the deceptive practices. But it's much more pleasant to just stay here.

Oct 24, 2005
2:02 PM EDT
I have never had a problem with Mr. Proffit. The only problem I have is with the ONE Microsoft ad that is run on occassion.

The ad says "LINUX RESOURCE CENTER" and in small letters beneath it - Sponsored By Microsoft. It is misleading advertising. They should call it "Microsoft Linux Resource Center" or some such.

Any of the Get The Facts campaign ads they ran I had no problem with, it is just this one. At least those didn't portray themselves as a Linux Resource Center on a Linux site.

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