I am shocked SHOCKED at your shallow scorn.

Story: Comment of the Day - October 14, 2005 Responding to the Ugly PenguinTotal Replies: 1
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Oct 14, 2005
9:20 AM EDT
Poor little penguin.

Lives a hard life, boasts an admittedly scruffy user interface, then has to put up with such heartless ridicule?

Is not the beauty of Linux that it stretches out to embrace ugly-duckling, er, penguin, hardware that others have forgotten or grown too fat to use?

Does it not let you create the experience that best suits you, whether or not anybody else would find it lovely or even non-vomit-inducing?

The ugly penguin a slap at Linux?

I think not.

Ugly penguins represent the very essence of what makes Linux Linux.

Besides, they'll bite you in the A** if you don't give them the proper respect.


Oct 14, 2005
9:44 AM EDT
Penguins are not nice to look at on the ground, but in their element (under water) they are swift birds of prey, catching and killing fish with grace, beauty, and efficiency.

They may look comical waddling around on the surface. Their feathers may look scruffy while they are above the surface of the sea. In their domain, however, they are sleek and beautiful.

Kind of like Linux in the server room...

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