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Oct 24, 2005
12:30 PM EDT

You wrote:

"I have also had my own investigative articles disappear. For example, I wrote an article entitled, Did Microsoft Try to Kill UNIX. It has also disappeared from the Internet and my personal backups."

You can't possibly be using Microsoft software to do your personal backups?? Wait. Maybe Bill paid off the people who worked on LINUX backup software? That's it! And all the file copying and comparing software too so that the QA guys didn't even see any errors in the backup software!! It's bit twiddling!! When and where will this insidious evil end???


Oct 24, 2005
1:15 PM EDT
Beck --

That's very funny.

The backups of my articles usually reside on web sites and on-line stores. I should have mentioned that. That particular article resided on It also resided on an on-line storage facility.

I wrote the article while I worked at Bynari and they held on to everything. Subsequently, when I went back to retrieve my personal materials, I couldn't find them.

The point: Even though I had backups, I don't have the article now. So, while you may think something you publish is safe, don't take any chances.

Thanks for pointing out how what seems like a simple sentence can seem confusing.

Other than that, I don't think Bill scarfed the article. LOL!!


Oct 24, 2005
2:35 PM EDT
An amazing piece, Tom. I think a lot of folks have seen this sort of behavior from time to time, but never sat down and researched it. Good job.

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