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Oct 25, 2005
9:50 PM EDT
>>>He has already voiced concern that OpenDocument appears to be inferior to Microsoft Office in offering features to help users with eyesight difficulties. Zoom... menu item to change the zooming percentage. There are also three special options, most notably Optimal, which will zoom to an ideal percentage for editing. http://libranet-basics.berlios.de/libranet-2-8/html/openoffi...

Oct 26, 2005
9:22 AM EDT
And the State of Mass is employing people with poor eye sight to sit behind a computer monitor why?

Oct 26, 2005
9:50 AM EDT
Probably because it's legislatively mandated.

Oct 26, 2005
9:54 AM EDT
Here's the problem. Blind people can't use their accessibility tools with openoffice.org. They devices are all geared to work with Microsoft. The Mass guys knew this would come up.

If they can't use their devices, they will lose their jobs. So, this deal could get derailed because of it.

The rest of the drama is about Microsoft cashing in their chips from all those political contributions.


Oct 26, 2005
10:03 AM EDT
Tom: ... and there the OpenOpenOffice plug-in comes in... so that for now, these people can continue to use MS Office.

It all fits together and confirms that Con Zymaris was right :-)

Oct 26, 2005
10:08 AM EDT
Excellent point. It's apparent now that Con was right on point.


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