Baby with the bath water? or Karma.

Story: Microsoft threatens to withdraw Windows from S KoreaTotal Replies: 3
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Oct 28, 2005
11:41 AM EDT
Some of us believe people are ultimately good. Good people do bad things. And sometimes bad people do good things.

It they pull Windows from S. Korea, they're freaking out up there.

If people are ultimately good, then these guys would have to start self destructing because their personal machinery will kick-in unconscious to them. They'll just think they're doing the correct action. They won't even know what's ahppening. They'll blame everyone but themselves.


Oct 28, 2005
11:51 AM EDT
If any country is capablble of changing to an alternate OS virtually overnight it is S. Korea. Their population is now one of the most tech savy in the world. MS steped in it big time :).

Oct 28, 2005
11:54 AM EDT
Jim: I don't think they smell it yet. I'm not going to tell them.

Oct 28, 2005
2:51 PM EDT
The wording was more cautious than indicated in the summaries, i.e. they would be forced to withdraw Windows entirely or delay upgrades (e.g. the one with the long horns) with the massive harm retarded upgrades would inflict on the South Korean economy. They (MS) will reverse course if met with steely resolve. Of course, this is assuming there is not a boat load of readily buy able politicians with temporary cash flow problems, but given some of Korea's political history that is not a great bet. Hence, for the skeptical it becomes a wager of Microsoft's winning, but perhaps negated by their blatant arrogance on how the bribes are tendered or the price being even for MS being too high (e.g. when the music pirates ... no companies wanted too high a price per ditty).

Anyone one willing to wager on this? Not I!

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