ummm... seen this done that

Story: Ubuntu's Linux Wireless Utility Easier than WindowsTotal Replies: 2
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Oct 30, 2005
8:37 AM EDT
This isn't really new technology, yet Ubuntu did simplify this process. The ndiswrapper had been here for more than a year now and it is continually updated. The only thin Ubuntu provides is a GUI tool for it.

Oct 30, 2005
8:43 AM EDT
That's correct with a little exception. The GUI seems to have a script that runs the nsdiswrapper commands. Overall, you're right.

Oct 30, 2005
9:57 AM EDT
Almost everything we do has been done before, what counts is the improvements that were added. GUI tools is a good think isn't? I am sure tomorrow there will be another GUI tool to top this one. Such is the FOSS way.

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