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Oct 30, 2005
11:38 AM EDT
PCLinuxOS has done this for a few years now. Nice that Ubuntu finally caught up to a real desktop ready distro. Hopefully they continue to model themselves after PCLOS...

Oct 30, 2005
11:55 AM EDT
Ok, Ok... we know you are a PCLinuxOS devote.. and it is a nice Distro. Now if it just converted to apt and the deb packaging, it would be perfect :)

Nov 03, 2005
9:19 AM EDT

It already has 50% of that uses apt

I've never had a dependency in a year and a half yet :) Can't say the same for my Ubuntu box.

Nov 03, 2005
9:43 AM EDT
LOL, Ubuntu wasn't a good example to give me :). Seriously, I will probably do an install of the next PCLnuxOS final.

Nov 03, 2005
10:40 AM EDT
"Now if it just converted to apt and the deb packaging, it would be perfect :)"

Oh, and stopped looking like Windows. ;-)


Nov 03, 2005
12:12 PM EDT
From my experience with wireless and linux my impression is that the remaining big problem is wpa encryption which is mainly an upstream driver problem. None of this is solvable with a gui ;-) For example the madwifi driver is still short of 1.0 and wpa_supplicant is only at 0.4.6. I just updated my drivers and lo and behold was able to get wpa working painlessly at last. Never had any real success before this.

Checking the logs for wpa_supplicant showed that tons of bugfixes were going in in connection with madwifi which explained my better luck.

Distros can't solve these upstream issues which are still unfortunately pretty common still. I am tempted to suggest to the Ubuntu folk that since they want "rad laptop support" they seriously fund the wireless and wpa driver writers. It would be money very well spent I think.

Nov 03, 2005
12:25 PM EDT

Who cares what it 'looks like'... Truthfully most distros GUI's using gnome or KDE 'look' somewhat like Windows, even though that's pretty easy to change.

Take a look at this if you don't believe what I'm saying:

Nov 04, 2005
4:25 AM EDT
Um, yeah. It was a joke. A friendly ribbing. Simple badinage.

See the emoticon?

Nov 19, 2005
6:12 AM EDT
Hi, i have registered simply to ask how this might work under Kubuntu? I don't have that same menu option anywhere.

It would be nice to get my USB adapter to work.

Nov 19, 2005
6:55 AM EDT
sfn, don't waste humor on geeks, because they are waaaay too literal and will spoil your punchline every time.

Did you hear the one about the computer geek?

That's not funny!


Nov 19, 2005
7:59 AM EDT

myJoke("Oh my God! That bowling ball! It's my wife!!!")

except HumorException, e:

print "%s: Ha! Ha!" % e print "No Anchovies, Please..."


scratchHeadError("What was that?") print " For more info, see "


Nov 19, 2005
1:13 PM EDT
I laughed at the link. Does that make me a non-geek? (impossible, I got 76% at the geek test But then, I check about ten webcomics everyday (two of them being Userfriendly and GPF).

Geeks do have a sense of humour. It's just the rest of the world that has the wrong one ;) .

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