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Nov 02, 2005
6:45 PM EDT
..that the real reason that Sun doesn't want to have JDS based on SUSE is because Novell acquired it. Surely not though! Sun is a wonderful company who loves Linux!! They love Novell too. They often dream of dealing directly with Novell instead of with crummy ole, not loved on the earth, SuSE.

One might say that they entered a 10 year partnership with Microsoft to counter the growth of Linux. Surely not though! Sun just realizes the massive benefits that come from anyone who partners with Microsoft!

One might say that they opted to create OpenSolaris to hedge their bets against their pro-old style IP mantra (often seen singing along side their close partner, Microsoft). Surely not though! Don't you realize that Sun created open source?!!

One might say that Sun is up to its old tricks. You remember... like when they tried to take over all of Unix. Sure not though! We all know that the Open Software Foundation (OSF) was simply a coincidence and not an attempt to strike back at Sun for trying to corner the Unix market.

Sun is your friend. Your very best friend. They are your neighbor wearing a light blue sweater. Together, you and Sun can become part of a greater future. A friendly future. Where Sun and open source communities work together on open federated tracking standards and open digital rights management with open source licenses and open arms to all. Where hardware will be developed to run OpenSolaris (which as Sun says is really just Linux with a different name). With open drivers that work with OpenSolaris (which is Linux according to Sun). And most importantly with Microsoft Windows certification... which makes sense since Microsoft (new pro-open source partner) and Sun (the creator of open source) are working hard to deliver a better more open open source than ever before.

Open the door and let the Sun shine in!!

... and the world will be a better place... ... and the world will be a better place...

... for you... ... and for Sun... and Microsoft...

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