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Nov 04, 2005
9:15 AM EDT
Is there any way to get this story out to the mainstream media? LXer is a great site for Linux related articles, but this story just cries out to be mainstreamed. If the major press orgs ran this, It would be interesting to hear what MS and Intel's responses would be.

Nov 04, 2005
9:25 AM EDT
The best way to do it is to blog it, submit it to newsvacs, forums and other Linux sites and ask people to share it with their friends.

Like the article says, we don't seem to get any traction in the US. But, it looks like while the mainstream looks the other way, Intel will become the #1 manufacturer of PCs globally.

You can write your local technology editors in your local newspapers but don't send the the article. Write something. I blogged the story at O'Reilly.

I'm also sending out emails and and hope that the community embraces the story.


Nov 04, 2005
9:37 AM EDT
I'll try to get it to my 'local' newssite, though I wonder if they will place it, since they might not understand how huge this is.

I also expect slashdot to pick up on this one, they would really be stupid if they didn't. Already submitted it to them.

Nov 04, 2005
9:50 AM EDT
Posted it (the blog) with some personal notes to (150.000 registered users in The Netherlands), hope they place it.

But still no mainstream media. Should we submit it to Melinda Gates of the Washington Post maybe?

Nov 04, 2005
11:40 AM EDT
I've asked it to go on the Groklaw news pick. Still not mainstream, but Groklaw is frequented by quite a different kind of crowd than Slashdot for instance, so it does broaden the impact :) .

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