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Nov 06, 2005
2:14 PM EDT
Quoting:They could allow AMD to become Microsoft's best friend as Redmond becomes irrelevant over the next five years.

I doubt it. AMD has some other business going on too.

Remember the MIT laptop project? If I remember well, these laptops feature AMD processors.

Quoting: Initial discussions have been held with China, Brazil, Thailand, and Egypt.

Do these countries sound familiar after reading Tom's article? Hint:

Quoting:You might find it a brilliant strategy. Intel opened technical hubs in China, India, Brazil and Egypt.

So, as wel AMD as Intel are going to sell Linux-boxes in this countries. As you might remember, these MIT $100 laptops might go to over 100 million people.

As a result of this, Microsoft might end up with no chip-manufacturer friends (who aren't allowde to sell anything without Windows by MS) at all.

You see, the people at AMD almost have the same vision as the people at Intel (and the vision MS lacks): it's better to make less profit from more people for a while, to increase your business, and this especially works if the end-products are cheap, which means they can't feature Windows. This is true for the ~$350 Intel boxes, but especially for the $100 laptop-project.

So, if we add the MIT's (AMD's) laptop project with this Intel/Linux alliance, what does this mean?

It means, I have to update the "estimated number of Linux-users" page, at, which is now 29 million, but it could grow a factor 10-20 in the next five years.

BTW, people always tell you: when more users use product X, more bugs will be found; Linux is secure because nobody uses it, it's market share is too little. I always answer them, if more people use Linux, more people are viewing the code too. What would happen with Linux if the number of people looking at the code grows with only some factor 5? If the number of testers growed that much? And what would happen to the [quality of the] applications? (No need to answer)

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