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Nov 07, 2005
9:10 PM EDT
Yes, it is one division's idiocy. It's quite notorious within the industry that Sony's various divisions do not see eye-to-eye on digital media issues. The consumer electronics division sells devices like the PSP (great for portable video), PSX (Japan only-PVR) and CD / DVD burners. The music division does not like the consumer electronics division and would like it to stop making such irritatingly flexible devices. The consumer electronics division does not like the music division and would like it to stop making it hard to transfer its content to all the media division's lovely devices. Magic Gate was meant to make them love each other, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Nov 08, 2005
1:51 AM EDT
Yes, this is an interesting dynamic -- one that large corporations face from time to time. Take Microsoft's Office division -- it's one monopoly. To sell more product, they have a Mac version. Only makes sense -- except that the OS monopoly people hate the idea that you might have a need for a non-M$ OS.

As the market diversifies, with true competition, these forces become less powerful. Ford, I've been told, make the gasoline tanks for almost all domestic vehicles, US stateside -- it wouldn't surprise me because the market is mature and if I want a non-Ford, the choices are more or less endless.

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