resources for small business outside the US, post her

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Nov 10, 2005
10:58 AM EDT
Please post useful links, such as government programs, small business incubators, books, education, and so forth in this thread for folks who don't live in the good ole US of A.

Nov 23, 2005
3:10 AM EDT
The best source of information on starting up a business I have found to date here in Germany is the "Existenzgruendung" site run by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology.

Home Page:

Highlights: * Excellent magazine in PDF format: "GruenderZeiten" (also contains useful links) * Useful checklists in PDF format * Links to numerous useful web sites * RSS feed * Information for women starting their own business

Some of the content is in other languages than German, including English, but not everything is translated.

Nov 23, 2005
3:54 AM EDT
If you are in Scotland you might like to check out here

Of specific interest to most small startups would be this

[url= s2b_finanace/grants.htm][/url]

Nov 23, 2005
8:57 AM EDT
thanks! About half of LXer's readership is outside the US, and I daresay some of them speak languages other than English, so this is very helpful.

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