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Story: LXer Feature: The Art of Learning New Interfaces (For the Technologically-Challenged)Total Replies: 0
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Nov 11, 2005
1:40 PM EDT
I learned Windows 3.1, then Unix, then windows95,and KDE, and GNOME, and windows XP(partially). Throw in Mac 7.5 -9.0 then I picked up OS X last year cold.

The great thing about knowing various forms of interfaces is that your never stumped by any one for long. Each one acts a little differently, but the only way to see that most are the same is to actually try it. Sure the buttons aren't exactly in the same spot. But if your matching locations instead of words or images or functions to a spot then you will always be frustrated.

I convinced my brother to switch to OS X. Windows at home, Windows at school, Windows that he torn apart and reinstalled time and time again. it's taking time to find the nuances, but he is learning that the more things change the more they really stay the same.

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