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Story: How Microsoft's Enterprise Desktop Stifles Linux and How to Fix itTotal Replies: 1
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Nov 13, 2005
11:03 PM EDT
The difference between 1999 and 2005 is that despite its underdog status Linux - at least Red Hat - has some acceptance in the business community.

Would Red Hat be interested in this Exchange replacement, perhaps? I know that RH are careful about possible IP conflicts, but this 'Exchange killer' of yours' sounds pretty interesting. If not Red Hat, then what about Xandros (which is about to launch a server product), Linspire (which has a history of sponsoring nascent Linux technologies) or even Mandriva (which has been on a buying binge recently)?

Or what about simply publishing said code on SourceForge and waiting to see who takes you up on it?

Nov 14, 2005
5:57 AM EDT
David, you're correct about the change in status. Instead of UNIX in the enterprise, you'll see Linux there. Thank you for your suggestions. The purpose of the article wasn't to promote a specific solution or to attempt to have people use code that's been on sourceforge for years now.

We publish news and information. That's our product. I hope you liked the story.

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