Defying Microsoft's Facts

Story: Linux News Questions Microsoft's Need for a "Get the Facts" campaign?Total Replies: 3
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Nov 16, 2005
8:03 AM EDT
Look, I'm running GNU/Linux on 9 different boxes (all desktop workstations) at an approximate cost of $60.00 (SUSE Linux 10.0, Commercial Edition). I would love to see any business do that with Microsoft anything! Any takers?

Nov 16, 2005
9:08 AM EDT
Hey...dc...wait til we send the BSA after you.

Hope you can prove you've got licenses for all...

oh wait!

Did you say Linux?

Never mind.

Nov 16, 2005
9:08 AM EDT
Does picking through the dump for old PC's with DOS 5.2 on them count?

Or maybe you could check any third world country for pirated copies.

Oh, you want licensed Microsoft products...

Can't help you there.

I don't support software piracy, that's why I run Linux at home.

Nov 18, 2005
12:42 AM EDT
Fight software piracy - report your neighboring businesses to the BSA. Think about it - what business will fork out $$$ to MS after having just been shafted by them? Well, once upon a time there was no choice, but these days they can safely switch to Linux+ Open Source and not worry about the BSA.

It's such a pity that no one is going after the "average joe" who pirates software; I guess MS take them to be part of the plan for MS dominance. Call them criminal (and they are) and suddenly people get scared and flock to Linux... well, some people - I'd still bet that most get scared and buy MS.

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