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Story: Linux News Questions Microsoft's Need for a "Get the Facts" campaign?Total Replies: 8
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Nov 16, 2005
12:42 PM EDT
Great business model: Linux developer writes article about great Linux feature. Magazine publishes it. Microsoft buys a get the facts add. Publisher pays Linux developer. Everyone wins! ;^)

Nov 16, 2005
12:45 PM EDT

Nov 16, 2005
12:49 PM EDT
I nominate this for Comment of the Day. :)

Nov 16, 2005
12:54 PM EDT
And they keep saying you can't make money off of Open Source.

Nov 16, 2005
1:41 PM EDT
Still ROFL.

Nov 18, 2005
12:37 AM EDT
Who can complain about that sort of funding scheme? It is somewhat reminiscent of the marketing scheme of the character "Plastic Tolstoy" in Ben Elton's "This Other Eden".

However, we do need to kick up a racket and go on with our MS-bashing in order to sustain this model. Once we sit still and say "we beat 'em" then the ads and the funding stops.

I remember a few years ago, LinuxFormat printed an article about why they need to run MS ads in a Linux magazine. I don't understand why people even complained - it's not as if they couldn't just turn the page and ignore the ad.


Nov 18, 2005
5:13 AM EDT
pinniped - I think you have confused Linux Format magazine with Linux Magazine. I stopped buying the latter not because of the ads, but they essentially jumped onto a band wagon. Moreover, LM staff particularly early on were clueless: free to them meant no cost and complained in their product reviews when there was a charge.

Nov 18, 2005
5:54 AM EDT
This marketing model is very close to Syscon's model at "LinuxInsider".

To make this model work, we need to start a website called something like "MicrosoftInsider", and then write articles that bash Microsoft all day.

Google and Mark Shuttleworth will throw billions in advertising money at us each day.

Oh, wait. Google and Mr. Shuttleworth would have to switch from 'doing no evil' to 'all evil, all the time'.



Nov 18, 2005
8:08 AM EDT
number6x: I think you should write a business plan for this. I will publish it.

Make it serious and it could be the best read article ever published on the Internet.

Think: Pulitzer.

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