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Nov 17, 2005
12:26 PM EDT
Their profits would drop to zero and their stock price would do the same. Bill Gates and Steve Balmer would be lynched by angry stockholders and a lot of M$ employees would be out of work.

.... not that I have a problem with any of that!


Nov 17, 2005
1:11 PM EDT
Such a bleak perspective on taking the high road! I think they would do better than ever. The obscene profits would disappear, but they would finally, after years of trying and failing, have a broader profitable product line than just windoze and office. They would have an easier time penetrating overseas markets, and would get new releases to market a lot quicker. I think it would make them stronger.

Of course, since it's all just a fever-induced fantasy, we'll never know, will we. :)

Nov 17, 2005
1:41 PM EDT
it's all just a fever-induced fantasy...

Funny, I have the same delusions after ingesting those nice red mushrooms with the cute little white dots...

Nov 17, 2005
1:49 PM EDT
tuxchick, I may have a bleak perspective on taking the high road... but that does not mean I am wrong. Rather, it is the reason you will never see M$ take the high road. Their monopoly will make them more money in the next few weeks than many years of "taking the high road". Their best scenerio is to grab as much as they can for as long as they can and hope to someday, somehow, plow their ill-gotten gains into a legitimate business plan before the world wakes up.

But you are right. We will never know.

You say "I think it would make them stronger". I think it would kill them. That is why this is a no-holds-barred war, from their point of view. The outcome is not really in doubt, just the timing. They are making too much money to change their ways until the very end.

Nov 17, 2005
1:57 PM EDT
helios: is it red next to black or black next to yellow... never can remember ;-)

Nov 17, 2005
2:00 PM EDT
Kickback discrimination would make it difficult to see your vision.

Nov 17, 2005
2:31 PM EDT
Gosh. If all that did happen, I would actually have to respect them. But would GNU/Linux survive? Of course it would! Naturally, I propose that Microsoft should ditch Windows altogether, and simply offer their own repackaged GNU/Linux or FreeBSD distro - you know, kind of like Apple.

Nov 17, 2005
4:36 PM EDT
jimf - that sounds more like the rule to tell a coral from a king snake. Red next black friend of man, black next to yellow ooooh, too late ....

Nov 17, 2005
4:57 PM EDT
Balmers and Gates' head would do like Kryton's when Lister asked for Ketchup on his lobster.

[url=http://www.holotech.co.uk/chronology/Red Dwarf/Season 7/Beyond a Joke.htm]http://www.holotech.co.uk/chronology/Red Dwarf/Season 7/Beyo...[/url]

Nov 17, 2005
7:07 PM EDT
Only on LXER can we go from mushrooms to snakes...here in TX, we are supremely in the know on both.

It's the coral snake vs the king snake we are dealing with:

red on yella, kill a fella

yellow on red, friend of Fred.

Not that it matters, by the time I see either, I don't really worry about reciting little poetry ditties...I am usually stomping them into snake pudding and paste.

helios see's snake, tiny pieces does he make.

Nov 17, 2005
7:32 PM EDT
TxtEdMacs: My point exactly. You should always know the snake you are dealing with :)

Nov 18, 2005
2:42 AM EDT
NICELY DONE Jim...Nicely done.

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