Man, if only I was Steve Jobs, I'd become Mark Shuttleworth

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Nov 20, 2005
12:38 PM EDT
If only!

I tell you, if i had Steve's money, connections, etc, I'd open-source it all and become another Mark Shuttleworth who, unless he drastically changes his strategy, will go down in my books as another God-guru... someone who uses their money for good..........................

..........................listen up Bill Gates.... 'giving' used computers to poor schools as charity is charity. Stipulating that they can only use licensed Microsoft software on them NEGATES it being charity and NEGATES you as being a Philanthropist-- it makes you a Corporate schill (well duh, right. what else could he be but a very rich Loser with a big forehead 'L'.) (If i give you five dollars but tell you you have to use it to buy coffee and sandwich at my coffee shop instead of somewhere cheaper, is it charity? I think not.)

But Mark Shuttleworth (billionaire) is giving back with real charity.... ..... hey, here is free software you can use anyway you want and i'll even ship you the cd's free! My god, now that is charity.

I thank Mr. Shuttleworth for his charity, he has helped me because all I can afford in my area is dialup (can't get the money for a satellite connection, darn it).

I hold my praise for Mr. Jobs for the future.

I withdraw any praise I might have had (cough-cough, yeah right) for Mr. Gates.

Mr. Jobs... you are using freely available software as your Mr. Shuttleworth is doing, it is time to give back.

And we won't even go into the free/libre etc software that Mr. Gates is using, especially to hide his own servers.


Nov 20, 2005
2:43 PM EDT
mcneelymike: well put.! Just one slight correction - Mark isn't a billionaire. But, he's already made history.

Nov 20, 2005
4:59 PM EDT
Mark's also an astronaut, and made himself genuinely useful during his flight. And genuinely funny afterwards. (-: "Sh*t! That wasn't in the simulations!"

Nov 21, 2005
5:47 AM EDT
tadelste: I read somewhere that it goes something like this... he is a billionaire according to U.S. dollars because they see call 100 million as 1 billion, whereas us Canadians see 1000 million as 1 billion, so Americans would call him a billionaire but we wouldn't

or something like that. anyways, if i had his money i'd just call myself a lucky man [ ;-)

oh well.... lez jus say he be mucho rich.

Nov 21, 2005
7:44 AM EDT
mcneelymike: Je ne sais pas, mais en Amérique - il serait un billionaire de frustration.

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