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Nov 25, 2005
3:02 AM EST
as far as I can tell, most media outlets(with the exception of evil right wing fox) are pro linux/firefox, whenever these very small players in the market are on the off-chance mentioned.

Give it time. They'll be going on and on about big microsoft the way the go on and on about big oil once linux becomes a mainstream player.

Their audience has to know about linux before they can start the indoctrination.

Nov 25, 2005
3:35 AM EST
I'm curious -

What have you seen from Fox that is anti-Firefox?

Disappointing, if that's the case. It would reveal them to be faux-conservatives. Competition is a conservative value.

Nov 25, 2005
4:25 AM EST
I also have to disagree. I have heard NPR and several others be decidedly pro-MS and pro-RIAA/MPAA. They seem to believe it is the only way. Most simply don't understand the viability of the open source model and usually don't understand open source at all. Open source falls outside the old ways and cannot be evaluated in terms of left-vs-right or Democrat-vs-Republican.

Nov 25, 2005
4:58 AM EST
I have to agree with Sam. Well said.

Nov 25, 2005
6:48 AM EST
Sam -



Nov 25, 2005
1:19 PM EST

As far as Fox goes I haven't seen them be pro/anti firefox/OSS in any way at all.

Nov 25, 2005
1:31 PM EST

It's alot more about left/right than most people think. Alot of people point to MS and automatically jerk their knee and say "that's capitalism". It's not. That's corporatism. And at the same time people point to OSS and automatically jerk their knee and say "that's communism". It's not. That's Altruism.

Though as it sits now Linux is much more competitive with MS/Apple and even with itself than MS/A are. MS/A are the ones pushing dependency and group think.(which is what communism tend towards) I'm getting sidetracked.....

As far as how this ties into the media, not very many of them know about it. But it's not hard to be pro-OSS while at the same time being pro-MS. Like I said, once linux becomes a bigger player and some of them know more about it they'll take their predictable stances of pro-OSS.(and pro-MS for fox)

And even your bringing up NPR is a good example of bias. In this case, leftist bias via NPR.

NPR you say is pro-RIAA/MPAA. I can't stand them. But unlike most people(and it drives me up the wall when the media doesn't inform, but rather they indoctrinate) I've actually paid attention and remembered who exactly it is that's pushing RIAA/MPAA to do what it does. To call us thieves. To give us DRM. and to twist MS's arm into throwing their weight behind DRM.(Not that MS doesn't have alot to gain anyways)

Elitists like Dr Dre and Metallica. I hope you'll never forget that they are better than us. I know I won't. Thank you Dre/Metallica for DRM. I'll never buy your CD's again.

Nov 25, 2005
1:39 PM EST
Is it really right/left, or just plain lazy/lazy?

1. Crib from Associated Press, other publications, and TV news 2. Throw together a few "he said she said" quotes from random dingalings to show "balance." 3.... 4. Profit!

Nov 25, 2005
3:59 PM EST
OK. So, I am a history buff and I have worked in government a long time. My first job out of college while finishing a correspondence course for my last semester hour was for a DoD M&O Contractor. We built and managed facilities. I also interned in DC with a presidential appointment a long time ago while in college.

I won't go into the other areas of study. That's just a little information I have shared before to establish some credibility.

Most of the comments I see about left/right are so wrong. You hate Fox and call it evil. I know people who operate on the extreme left and they love moveover and think it's a bastion of progressive people.

Guys, these ideologies are basically what we call "beats" in journalism. They say what clicks and gets them ratings and that's it. Really. Your hero is just saying what you want to hear. That's all.

Once in Washington DC, people don't care much about right/left-liberal/conservative-democrat/republican.

It's all a big story with drama to keep you engaged and entertained. They want your attention and that's all.

Once I realized this, I was really disillusioned for a while. A beast does exist called a politician and they are basically sociopaths. They lack something called a conscience.

When I had my CPA firm and was the managing partner, my secretary was a Senator's daughter. I did the family finances. That nice young lady eventually died with her father in a plane crash.

You have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes. You are being played like fiddles.

This thread is humorous and sad. Calling Fox evil is like calling a box evil. It's all a big act and the people are actors. If you believe any differently you have been taken big time.


Nov 25, 2005
4:39 PM EST
floyd said it best...

Hey you, Whitehouse, Ha ha charade you are.


Nov 25, 2005
5:05 PM EST
tadelste: Depressing though it is, you really nailed that one.

Nov 25, 2005
5:37 PM EST
Tom et al:

That's why all this talk of evil is so silly.

Good and evil are eternal constants, devoid of political position.

When it comes to politicians, businesses, journalists, what have you, the questions are "What have you done for me lately," "What are you doing for me now," and "How can I be sure of what you'll do for me tomorrow".

Nov 25, 2005
6:19 PM EST
Dino: Imagine Bill's and Steve's behavior if they attended Church regularly.


Nov 26, 2005
1:44 AM EST

As far as the media goes, yes it's right/left wing. Pretty much everybody under the sun acknowledges that Faux is right wing. No secret there, no argument there, next paragraph please.

The rest of the media is where the problem is. They are so left wing and have been for years and people act like this is new, people act like it's a secret, and some act like it's a lie.

Example after example can be given.

Look at the original article. A reference to delay and abramoff is being given while complaining about buried facts. Abramoff was in bed with democrats too. Talk about buried facts. And the media tried to do the same thing, it wasn't until fox put it on for a few days that the rest of the media had to acknowledge the fact.(looks like it was tadelste who wrote the article, I don't blame him for not knowing the whole story. The media won't talk about it) You hadn't noticed how the entire brunt force of the liberal media establishment is going on and on now about a "culture of corruption" and "the cabal"? They've already got Libby and Delay tried, convicted, and behind bars..... based on a simple indictment.

If indictments are rock-solid, so then that must mean that when we indicted saddam/osama in 1998 that it's rock-solid. There was a connection. Right? I mean, surely the media has some consistency right?

Look at how it was bush's fault that the oil prices kept going up. But now nobody in the media's blaming him for them coming down.

Back when the catholic priest thing was going on, there was(and rightfully so) demands for investigation after investigation to see just how far at went. Just how corrupt the whole thing really was. You don't see anybody in the media doing the exact same thing with the american school system.(another home for american leftists) I've heard O'reilly say it at least once.

The media loves to bash and fearmonger about ANWR. How it's so bad for the environment.(drilling) Anybody remember the alaska pipeline? Remember the fearmongering then too? Yeah, The caribou population has gone up contrary to what they were saying then. And on this same topic, why to people create artificial reefs in oceans? Yes, offshore oil rigs also act as reefs.

How about Iraq? It takes bombings where massive people get killed for them to bring it upon themselves to talk about how american troops give gifts to iraqi children.(what about the rest of their interaction, with the people as well) They've avoided many protests in Iraq, and will maybe place it on their website and bury it. But god forbid they talk about the whole story on a regular basis. Inform america? No way! The american people *dont* have a right to know.

They didn't come outright and say it, but left all the doors open to blaming the Katrina mess on the feds. Uhhh, hello! Just read the founding documents. Federalism cannot be ignored. FEMA's incompetence was compounded in a major way by the incompetence of the first responders. Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin.

There's the provided example.... NPR, RIAA, MPAA, and the mysterious leaving off about Dre/metallica calling us thieves.

It's too easy to point out their left wing bias. Time after time.

Nov 26, 2005
1:52 AM EST

Once in DC they do care about right/left. D/R. True conservatives turn into p***ys and moderate democrats become raving liberals. The entire town is run by the left, and if you've ever been there you'd see what I mean. Building after building in DC is there for one sole purpose.

To spend money. To spend *our* money.

Oh, and when I call fox "evil", it's tongue in cheek. Right wing fox isn't any more evil than left wing... all of them.... are. They're just cheerleaders.

They're 527 groups. Fox puts out it's advertisements in the form of news so it can get republicans elected, and the rest put out their advertisements in the form of news so they can get democrats elected.

Nov 26, 2005
3:28 AM EST
Talk to me about indictments. In 1996, a case went before the grand jury here in Travis County naming every tow truck owner. I knew absolutely nothing about it until the case was actually dropped. Seemed that we (every tow truck company in Travis County) were being charged with price-fixing. The entire thing was dropped in less than 72 hours after a True Bill had been returned.

My point is simple. A Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich. Anyone here wish to lobby against something? Lobby against this corrupt and leaky legal procedure.

Nov 26, 2005
4:08 AM EST
helios --

This whole grand jury can indict a ham sandwich thing is urban myth.

They're much more likely to indict a steak.

Juror pay is laughable, so they do what they can do.

As to needing a real case to indict a person for a crime, that appears to be an even bigger urban myth.


Nov 26, 2005
6:02 AM EST

You got it. The problem is how the liberal media is handling it. They already have Delay and Libby tried, convicted, and behind bars. In their minds, it's already proven. Delay was guilty 5 years ago much less now that there's an indictment. Libby was guilty even before the indictment just because he's a member of the bush administration.

That's how they are reaching their conclusions of the "culture of corruption" and "cabal. *Anybody* can see how they are using these as tools to get their propaganda out into the masses.

The media hates the bush administration. And so should you. And they're determined to do anything to make you think a certain way.

The american people do not have a right to know.(the new media motto)

Nov 26, 2005
6:56 AM EST
Quoting:Once in DC they do care about right/left. D/R. True conservatives turn into p***ys and moderate democrats become raving liberals.

You mean on stage. You mean when the houses conviene. You mean in front of the press. You don't mean in their heart, at home or when they're having a drink or smoking marijuana with one of their buddies.

From what I have seen, they are mostly alcoholics and cocaine addicts and their kids are messed up. They have extra-martial affairs and often go both ways. You can attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes with your pretense of knowledge about Washington DC and the politics in the US. Just don't direct your comments at me.

I'm not a cynic. I'm an observer. I admit that some of the politicians in DC are true to their conviction for some period of time. But, it takes a certain kind of personality to do what they do. I've seen it in aspiring politicians who start off as precinct chair to become delegates and delegates who want appointments and appointees who eventually run for office once they get their financing and network together. I've seen it when they take office and in their personal habits.

They have a personality disorder and anyone who plays with it suffers from the same.


Nov 26, 2005
7:41 AM EST

Quoting:You mean on stage. You mean when the houses conviene. You mean in front of the press. You don't mean in their heart, at home or when they're having a drink or smoking marijuana with one of their buddies.

No, I do mean in their hearts, and minds. Look at the things they support. It doesn't matter that national healthcare is failing in Canada, that it's failing in Britain, these idiots are still pushing for it. It's absolutely amazing to watch. And the lib media does nothing to call them out on it. That's what's so laughable.

Much of what you say is accurate, but not all.

I'm not a cynic either. But there are some very bad things going on that some people just don't want to talk about, and they don't even want them mentioned.

Nov 26, 2005
9:30 AM EST
halfmnhlfamazng: I only wish that your view of the thing had a measure of reality to it. I only say that because if you ever engage in the arena and you are a kind and loving person, your heart will be broken. That makes me feel a little sad.

I won't argue much more as I have a lot on my plate. I suggest that the degree to which I feel "much of what I say is accurate" is further down the line that where you believe it to be. I takes an incredible amount of effort to acieve a position in politics. That dedication is too often for the sake of money. You'll find more altruism in a single open source project than you will in politics.


Nov 26, 2005
11:47 AM EST
Tom --

I grew up around DC and DC people, not to mention being actively involved in politics (winning and losing) a number of times in my life.

I think lots of people keep their convictions as they go through their political careers, but...

I've also been a lawyer, as have most politicians. Lawyers are supposed to be able to work both sides of any issue. The biggest event of first year -- moot court -- requires that one argue both sides of a case to advance and win.

To succeed in politics doesn't mean abandoning your convictions. For many, however, it means ignoring them when it is strategic to do so. The further you go, the easier it is to do.

Nov 26, 2005
2:01 PM EST

That's all I'm saying.

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