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Nov 27, 2005
6:16 PM EDT
Now, we've had some interesting discussions on Freud's favorite subject, repression. What about people using Linux to play DVD's?

Nov 27, 2005
6:58 PM EDT
Sorry to be a party pooper, but I rarely use the computer for much media. Music is about the limit of what I use Linux for. I don't even have a DVD on the main box. I do however want the option of being able to copy and edit DVD content... Heck, that is only fair, but then when did fair have anything to do with it.

Nov 27, 2005
7:51 PM EDT
Tom --

What's the question?

As your article points out, there is presently no problem playing DVDs under Linux. Xine works rather nicely. Ogle still works, but goes a little funky running 64 bit.

Nov 29, 2005
1:17 PM EDT
Indeed, I like XINE and use it regularly.

I have several DVDs purchased when I lived in Japan, and without the region-ignoring Linux decoder I would never be able to view them.

Some day I want to put together a media PC, MythTV, XINE, output to the television in the living room, through the stereo, etc. I just hope I come up with the resources to do so before I can no longer legally buy decent hardware or run useful software.

Nov 29, 2005
2:26 PM EDT
I prefer vlc myself. Works flawlessly and smoothly on both my desktop and laptop (Ubuntu). Just issue

wxvlc dvd:///dev/dvd

or put this in

System --> Preferences --> Removable Drives and Media :see the Multimedia Tab

and it will start when you put in the dvd. Make sure that dma is enabled for your drive and that you use the gtk2 version of wxvlc (much prettier).

Nov 29, 2005
3:38 PM EDT
I've got to second that Richo...been using it for months. I like the skinable version myself. It just gives it a bit more pizazz and flash. It has performed flawlessly for me, especially when other players choke or stutter on a file, VLC takes the ball and runs with it. Great, great piece of work.

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