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Nov 29, 2005
5:43 AM EDT
All of the above has certainly been MY experience. Got my iMac for video was a great excuse to "switch," given the sad state of video editing under Linux.

Sure, iMovie/iDVD is slick and easy to use, but they are also incredibly limiting. The import/export filters seem almost deliberately crippled. And for the longest time, iDVD kept producing DVDs that had a very annoying bug..on certain DVD players, whenever the DVD would transition from chapter one to chapter two you would see a noticable glitch in the playback, sometimes accompanied by audio distortions. Apple had "no response" to any of this, and the end result was I couldn't really USE the damn computer I had purchased for the reasons I needed it. Back to square one. At least the terrible Linux video editing software made DVDs that worked properly. And so the iMac I bought for video editing has become a really expensive and underpowered dumb terminal for connecting to my Linux box.

Apple's attitude has really begun to grate upon me. Steve Jobs says "hey we love open source!" but their actions seem to prove otherwise. Their treatment of the KHTML guys was pretty reprehensible. And Apple has done NOTHING to support open source alternatives like Ogg and FLAC--in fact, they've done quite the opposite by promoting fringe standards like AAC and worse, ALEC. The people even offered to port the ogg codec to the iPod FOR FREE to Apple--and Apple ignored them.


Nov 29, 2005
12:36 PM EDT
No comment. Next question.

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