They are asking the wrong crowd

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Nov 29, 2005
9:52 PM EDT
The item mentions OSDL survey of LINUX users what bothers them.

If Linux wants to take market share from other platforms then it should find out what users of THE OTHER PLATFORMS miss in Linux (or find in the other platforms). Asking Linux users is like preaching to the choire.

Nov 30, 2005
1:02 AM EDT
I agree: The installed base of Linux desktop users is simply the wrong group to be asking.

This article, though older, is interesting as it points out some other issues important to most users out there (as opposed to those already using Linux):

Linux on the desktop is still going through growing pains. Progress has been made, but much more is needed. I am amazed each time I install a new version of KDE how much real innovation and real improvement has been implemented. We see this over and over again, with OSS, users can take things into their own hands to improve things without waiting for some company to do it, which may never happen. But for historical reasons, the task is left to the designers, developers, artists, documentation writers, and advocates, writers, and ad hoc marketers of Linux on the desktop to keep working at it until the general public sees it is to their advantage to adopt this great new technology.

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